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......@@ -92,5 +92,6 @@ By definition an unnamed section is displayed as <strong>section [N]</strong>.';
$string["send_message_title"]="Sending a message to {{nb_results}} people";
$string['display_course_infos']="Show/hide course information";
$string['my_progress']="My progress in the course: ";
......@@ -92,5 +92,6 @@ By definition an unnamed section is displayed as <strong>section [N]</strong>.';
$string["send_message_title"]="Envoi d'un message à {{nb_results}} personnes";
$string['display_course_infos']="Afficher/Masquer les informations du cours";
$string['my_progress']="Ma progression dans le cours : ";
$string['table_progress']="Suivi des étudiants";
......@@ -41,13 +41,13 @@ function init_page($course){
// Getting DB information (*) of the course
$PAGE->set_heading($course->fullname . " – Suivi des étudiants");
$PAGE->set_heading($course->fullname . " – " .get_string('table_progress', 'format_iena'));
/* Cache le menu dans le header ? */
$coursenode = $PAGE->navbar->add('suiviiena', null, navigation_node::TYPE_CONTAINER, null, 'suiviena');
$coursenode = $PAGE->navbar->add(get_string('table_progress', 'format_iena'), null, navigation_node::TYPE_CONTAINER, null, 'suiviena');
<h2 class="mb1" style="display: inline-block;">Suivi des étudiants</h2>
<h2 class="mb1" style="display: inline-block;">{{#str}}table_progress, format_iena{{/str}}</h2>
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