Commit d5209f4b authored by Thibault's avatar Thibault
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modification pour un Jenkins installé sur l'hote

parent 2243301d
def app
def registryProject='http://registry-nexus:8083/repository/RegistryDocker/'
def registryProject=''
def image="${registryProject}:version-${env.BUILD_ID}"
//Clonage du projet gitlab gitlab
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ node{
//Scan clair (permet de détecter les cve)
stage('Scan Clair'){
sh '''
./clair-scanner --report="rapportClair" --ip=jenkins-blueocean --clair="http://clair-local-scan:6060" debian:buster || exit 0
./clair-scanner --report="rapportClair" --clair="" debian:buster
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