Commit 2c6fca87 authored by Thomas Fradet's avatar Thomas Fradet
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add mod descr to path page

parent 7124b2da
$careerId = required_param("career", PARAM_INT);
global $DB;
global $DB, $CFG, $COURSE;
$requete = $DB->get_record_sql('SELECT * FROM {block_career} WHERE id = ?', array($careerId));
$percent = 70;
......@@ -51,13 +51,15 @@ foreach ($sections as $value){
$sections = array_combine($keys,$sections);
$cours_url = $CFG->wwwroot . "/course/view.php?id=" . $COURSE->id;
<section class="section">
<h2 class="display-4"><?=$titre;?></h2>
<div class="career-descr">
<h2 class="display-4" style="float: left;"><?=$titre;?></h2>
<a class="btn btn-primary" style="float: right;" href="<?php echo $cours_url; ?>">Retour au cours</a>
<div class="career-descr" style="clear: both;">
<?php echo $intro; ?>
<?php foreach ($sections as $section) : ?>
......@@ -78,7 +80,7 @@ ksort($sections);
<img class="" alt="" src="<?php echo $CFG->wwwroot ?>/theme/image.php/boost/<?php echo $value->type ?>/1/icon>">
<!-- <div><?php echo $value->descrition;?></div> -->
<div><?php echo $value->descrition;?></div>
<?php endif;?>
<?php endforeach;?>
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